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  • Mendocino Chamomile Flowers 3oz Jar

    Mendocino's Chamomile Flowers has gentle notes of apple with a mellow, honey-like sweetness that adds incredible flavor to drinks.

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    • $5.59
  • Mendocino Crispy Shallots 10oz Jar

    As the perfect garnish for recipes like pasta, soups, rice, and more, Mendocino’s Crispy Shallots have the perfect crunch and sharp, sweet onion flavor.

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    • $9.99
  • Mendocino Habanero Applewood Smoked Sea Salt 32oz Jar

    With the combination of smoky Habanero and and rich sea salt, Mendocino's Habanero Applewood Smoked Sea Salt is just the thing you need to amp up all your favorites side and recipes. This blend is perfect for a wide variety of recipes including anything on the grill, barbeques, dips, and snacks.

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    • $15.29